David JC Cutler states ways overcoming mental stress during the pandemic

David JC Cutler explains traumatic events from global crisis to personal tragedy may take an emotional toll and be a reason for traumatic stress. There are several ways of regaining control of a life that needs proper contemplation. The worldwide coronavirus has brought millions of people within its shackles. Individuals are struggling with their personal and professional obligations. Getting exposure to traumatic stress is normal.

Following a disturbing incident, like coronavirus pandemic, volcanic eruptions, terrorist attacks, plane crash, hurricane, earthquake, etc. people may feel intense confusion. The feeling of shock, fear, and numbness is widespread. In addition to this, social media coverage and twenty-four hours of news have bombarded people’s imagination with horrific information. Hence, David JC Cutler provides readers with ways of dealing with their unsettled feelings and thoughts during Covid. Various paths can help you in the recovery process. These ways can come to your rescue and help in regaining your emotional balance.

David JC Cutler provides ways of coping up with mental trauma

It is significant to note that taking care of your personal needs even during a crisis is vital. Provide yourself breaks that will support your personal and professional obligations. For this, you can take a look at the following points

Minimize your media exposure:

Witnesses or survivors of traumatic events regain their sense of control by focusing on recovery reports. When you get exposed to excessive images of disturbing events, it creates traumatic stress. Limit the media exposure focusing on traumatic incidents and avoid distressing videos and portrayals on news channels. If the coverage develops a feeling of heartbreak and emotional distress, take a break.

Try to accept your emotions:

People must acknowledge their feelings, whether surprising or dangerous. It includes guilt, anger, and shock, as these emotions are widespread reactions to security loss. It comes in the wake of disasters. Hence, you have to accept these emotions and allow yourself to feel what you are undergoing. Dealing with painful emotions is crucial. Never try to force the healing process. Be patient when dealing with the pace of recovery and prepare yourself for volatile and harsh feelings.

Deal with your sense of helplessness:

You have to take action to overcome the traumatic stress. Positive action may assist you in dealing with your hopelessness, helplessness, and fear. Volunteer your time, donate to favorite charities, give blood, or comfort others. When you engage yourself in activities that you enjoy, it automatically reduces your stress level. In addition to this, connecting with friends and family members will help you keep the stress level low.

Reach out to the needy:

Apart from stressing about traumatic experiences, you may reach out to individuals who have been affected by the event. Comforting them will help you develop a feeling of connectedness and sanity. In addition expand your social network by taking the help of digital media.

The entire article’s aggregate is that when you experience a traumatic event, recovery’s responsibility lies with you. Work on your schedule and pay careful attention to your diet and sleep routine. You may seek professional treatment if you require it.

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