How to Follow a Healthy, Simple, and Affordable Diet during the Coronavirus Pandemic – Helpful Tips from David JC Cutler

Parents are trying hard to adjust to the demands of the new reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. They not only have to work remotely but also take care of household chores and their children.David JC Cutler says it can be tough to come up with healthy meal options for the family that are easy to prepare and are affordable. Some tips for parents looking to find easy to prepare nutritious and affordable ways to feed their families:

David JC Cutler:Include Fresh Vegetables and Fruit as Much as Possible

It can be a challenge for parents to purchase and stock up on fresh food not only because it can be difficult to find them but also because they need to restrict their trips out of home for shopping. However, given the need for including plenty of fresh produce in the family diet, especially in the meals for children, you should try to purchase as much as you can reasonably consume or refrigerate. While it is best to consume them fresh, you can also freeze them without losing out on their flavor and nutrition. You can also cook them in large quantities, freeze them, and use them over an extended period.

Use Canned or Dry Food to Make Up for Lack of Fresh Food, Recommends David JC Cutler

When fresh produce is not available, you can easily substitute them with canned or dried foodstuffs that are easier to store as well as cook. To get the maximum nutrition, you should focus on dried or canned chickpeas and beans that not only keep well for months but are also high on nutrients. You can buy canned salmon, mackerel, sardines, and other oily fish. Not only do they have an abundance of protein, vitamins, and minerals as well as omega 3 fatty acids but are also easy to prepare meals with. Canned vegetables though not as nutritious can be used when you cannot find fresh or frozen veggies. You can also stock up on rice, split peas, lentils, quinoa, etc., for preparing affordable yet tasty meals for the family.

David JC Cutler: Stock Up on Healthy Snacks

When the family is spending more time at home, it is natural for them, especially children, to demand snacks to keep them going during the day. The best method is to prepare some healthy options using cheese, yogurt, dry fruits, nuts, boiled eggs, plain crackers, etc., instead of feeding them the typical packaged salty or sweet snacks. These snacks are not only healthier but also far more filling and affordable. More importantly, they will also lay the foundations of healthy eating that will serve them well for their lifetimes, observesDavid JC Cutler.


As much as you try, sometimes it is impossible to stay away from processed foods, however since they are usually very high on salt, sugar, and saturated fats, you should limit their consumption. Avoiding sodas and drinking freshly-pressed fruit juice should be encouraged. Better still, you can add lemon or berries to fresh water to make a refreshing drink. Preparing meals and eating together is a great way to have fun and strengthen your family bonds while building immunity against infection.

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