How to Protect Your Eyes for Keeping Yourself Safe from COVID-19 – Vital Tips by David JC Cutler

Even though the coronavirus is a respiratory disease that spreads primarily through the mouth and the nose, it can just as easily spread through your eyes. Just as you can breathe in the virus when you are close to someone with coronavirus, the infection can also enter your system through your eyes either directly from droplets in the air or when you pass on the infection by touching your eyes with fingers that have been contaminated. David JC Cutler says to keep yourself and your eyes safe from COVID-19, follow these useful tips:

David JC Cutler: Follow Safe Hygiene Practices and Social Distancing

To keep your eyes safe from the coronavirus, the most fundamental rule to follow good hygiene. It means that you should wash your hands frequently to keep them free of contamination, avoid touching your mouth, nose, and particularly, your eyes, keeping your contact lenses and spectacles clean and disinfected. Additionally, you should invariably wear a mask and practice social distancing to reduce the chances of picking up the infection.

David JC Cutler: Refrain from Touching or Rubbing Your Eyes

While it can be difficult to break a long-standing habit. However, by resisting the urge to touch or rub your eyes. You can significantly reduce the risk of all eye infections, especially the corona virus. If your eyes itch, or you need to adjust your spectacles. Instead of using your fingers, use a soft tissue, recommends David JC Cutler. Since dry eyes tend to itch more, you can consider using a gently moisturizing drop to keep your eyes lubricated better. Keep in mind that if you do need to touch your eyes for any reason, including administering eye drops, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Even though it may be tiresome, you should clean your hands again after you have touched your eyes.

Switch to Glasses Instead of Using Contact Lenses, Advises David JC Cutler

Even though there is nothing to suggest that by using contact lenses. You are more susceptible to COVID-19, those who wear contacts indeed tend to touch their eyes more frequently. It may lead to the transmission of the coronavirus from infected surfaces by your hands to your eyes. It can be a good idea to switch to using glasses instead to reduce the irritation in your eyes and thereby, your urge to rub them. The presence of a physical barrier also can make you stop from instinctively touching or rubbing your eyes. Wearing spectacles or even sunglasses when you are out of the home can also protect your eyes from coughs and sneezes that may have infected droplets. Remember glasses cannot offer complete protection. As the infection can still get to your eyes from the top and bottom as well as the sides of your glasses.


To keep your eyes healthy and to effectively protect them from coronavirus and other infections. You should be conscious of keeping your eyes clean. You can do this by wearing glasses and avoiding touching your eyes. However, even after maintaining good hygiene, should you experience any issues, be sure to consult an ophthalmologist.

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