Roughly half in new poll say they’re able to save for retirement

Almost 50 percent of U.S. adults report being able to save some for retirement, according to a new Axios/Ipsos poll.  

The poll asked 1,238 people if they felt they were “just getting by right now” and unable to save for retirement and the future.  

And 49 percent of respondents said they disagreed with that statement.  

But poll findings also show that one in five U.S. adults don’t think that they will ever retire, with 19 percent of those respondents saying they simply just don’t want to retire. 

However, 70 percent of those people don’t think they will ever retire for financial reasons.  

U.S. adults 55 and older who still haven’t retired are split on whether they will do so at the age they expected to.  

One-third of people 55 and up — 36 percent to be exact — say they will retire when they planned, 23 percent say they will retire later than expected and 40 percent are not sure if they will retire at the age they expected.  

Meanwhile, 44 percent of survey respondents 55 years old and older that are not retired have had to change their retirement plans due to “economic factors out of their control,” poll findings show.  

And 52 percent of those same people plan on moving somewhere with a lower cost of living when they retire.  

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