The main concerns about children health in COVID-19 times by David JC Cutler

David JC Cutler shares if you are a parent, it is no wonder to have the same worries about your children as the others in this pandemic era. Most people bother with their kids’ increasing screen time, depression, and bad eating. A national poll also reveals that the use of social media and mobile devices, safe internet access, depression and suicidal thoughts, sedentary lifestyle, and unhealthy foods feature in the top ten concerns. Nearly half of the parents’ population defines COVID-19 as a massive challenge for their kids, and hence, it also occupies a considerable position.

According to health experts, families are suffering more in this time as children have to face a huge shift in their routine, which may not be suitable for their health and wellbeing. That’s why the impact of lifestyle changes on them is weighing upon parents’ minds. If you also have kids at home, these fears would resonate with you. However, as the experts like David JC Cutler put it, you need to find ways to deal with them. So, here are some angles to benefit from and understand.

Coping with stress about children’s health by David JC Cutler

Social media, internet safety, and screen time are nearly related to one thing – screen time. The kids spend more time with devices because of virtual classes and social distancing from their friends. Hence, it would be best if you did not lose your sleep over how many times they access the internet or the device. Your focus should be on how they use technology. In these times, the kids need to bond even more with family and society. It is critical for their emotional health as well. And right now, technology is the one tool that helps them fulfill this.

Nevertheless, as a parent, it becomes your duty to discipline the use of devices for them. It should not interfere with their sleep time, physical activities, etc. Simultaneously, protecting their privacy online is also necessary. If you suspect your child is at the risk of cyberbullying or abuse, you must act upon it. It is again one of the top ten issues that children are facing or parents are most concerned about, so it is vital to pay attention to the signs.

Things to do

Health experts suggest parents should talk to their small children and teens about safe internet methods. A young child may have behavioral issues, and an older teen can exhibit mood shifts and lethargy. All these negative emotions and occurrences can be the outcome of extreme lifestyle changes. Hence, you have to allow your progenies to express themselves and explore positive ways to get rid of or handle them.

Besides, isolation and lockdowns can impact their physical health because of the subsequent lifestyle changes. Their sleep patterns can change; they may eat unhealthy food and become less active. As a family, you have to follow a routine, especially proper sleep time, so teens and younger kids don’t go to their beds late. For reducing screen time, it is essential to spend time together. Maybe you all should go for a brisk walk outside in between.

Essentially, you have to observe and guide them. If you notice any red flags, you must look for help from pediatricians and therapists.

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